Math Homework Practice
Homework assignments will be tracked here.

Wednesday 11/22: prepare for word problem test retake on Tuesday 11/28
Tuesday 11/21:  prepare for word problem test retake on Tuesday 11/28
Monday 11/20: none

Friday 11/17: no homework, you worked hard this week
Thursday 11/16: Unit Test so no homework
Wednesday 11/15: A Sticky Situation (writing equations)  STUDY
Tuesday 11/14: Compute This and Taryns"s Fractions (word problems)  STUDY
Monday 11/13: A Very Cold Day ( writing expressions)   STUDY

Friday 11/10:  Veteran's Day/no school
Thursday 11/9: prepare for word problem test on 11/16 complete Fraction Review
Wednesday 11/8:  What's on TV? (mixed fraction practice)
Tuesday 11/7:  Big Eruption (multiplication and division fraction practice)
Monday 11/6:  Famous Toy (dividing mixed number practice) AND prepare for
                      Word Problem Test on Thursday 11/16

Friday 11/3: no homework
Thursday 11/2: dividing decimals/unit test signed by parent or guardian
Wednesday 11/1:   dividing decimals

Friday 10/27: study guide/multiplication test on Monday
Thursday 10/26: Little Dinosaur
Wednesday 10/25: Take 2 word problems
Tuesday 1024: Alive & Well/Water double sided AND start studying for Unit Test
Monday 10/23: subway and study for quiz on Wednesday

Friday 10/20: quiz next week on divisibility rules
Thursday 10/19: finish classwork (traffic, worksheet, textbook)
Wednesday 10/18:  Traffic (multiplying mixed numbers)
Tuesday 10/17:  fix It's a Gusher
Monday 10/16:  none

Friday 10/13: none
Thursday 10/12: It's a gusher adding/subtracting mixed numbers using algebra
Wednesday 10/11:  Bird watchers adding/subtracting mixed numbers

Friday 10/6:  none
Thursday 10/5:  activity 16 adding/subtracting decimals review
Wednesday 10/4: divisibility rules 4 (quiz)
Tuesday 10/3:  divisibility rules 3
Monday 10/2:  none

Monday 9/25: finish page 2 word problems and study for unit test
Tuesday 9/26:  page 4 test practice word problems
Wednesday 9/27:  study for unit test including vocabulary
Thursday 9/28:  divisibility rules page 2
Friday 9/29: no homework

Monday 9/18: no homeowrk
Tuesday 9/19:  finish dividing decimals paper from Monday (check your answers)
Wednesday 9/20: no homework
Thursday 9/21: no homework
Friday 9/22:  no homework