Math Practice
2/5/19 Tuesday:  Equivalent fraction practice double sided with Ships Ahoy and Body Facts due on Wednesday.

1/23/19 Wednesday:  Math Antics video we watched in class today.

1/22/19 Tuesday:  Session 3 study guide.  Test on Thursday 1/24.

1/16/19 Wednesday:  Partial Division 10 and 11 homework to show mastery due for a grade on Thursday.

1/15/19 Tuesday:  Partial Division 8 and 9 homework due Wednesday.

1/14/19 Monday:  Partial Division 2 homework due Tuesday.

1/4/19 Friday:  Session 2 math test will be on Wednesday 1/9.  We have been studying order of operations and multiplication of multi-digit numbers.  I've attached practice pages in the link below that will be assigned as homework on Monday and Tuesday.
Session 2 test practice

12/13/18 Thursday:  Remember there is a quiz tomorrow on expressions.  Please look at your homework papers from this week and review your blue Hogwart's Challenge paper.

12/12/18 Wednesday:  2 sample quiz questions.

12/11/18 Tuesday:  Writing and solving expressions, double sided.

12/10/18 Monday:  There will be a quiz on Friday writing and solving expressions.  Tonight's homework is writing expressions that equal our target number 16.

12/4/18 Tuesday:  Time for Fun: using order of operations.

November 30:  Check out Spelling City on my resources page.  I just added 5.1 Expressions and Equations session 1 vocabulary words.  My favorite game is the cat and mouse.  Can you get the cheese?

11/30/18 Friday:  finish a Capital Idea
11/28/18 Wednesday:  Finish lesson 2 problems and ticket

November 26:  Check out math google classroom for helpful videos.  I've uploaded some metric videos, remember, there are videos for multiplication and division too.  Ms. Gilbert math classroom  class code jeohpes


Dear Students,

Please remember to visit IXL website  to practice place value and working with decimals.  The more you practice your skills, the more confident you will become.  

Sincerely,  Ms. Gilbert

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