Math Practice

Dear inquiring students,

We are beginning a new unit.  Check this out from EngageNY...

In Module 2 we will continue to use patterns of the base ten system to build mental strategies leading to fluency with the standard algorithm.  We will move from whole numbers to multiplication with decimals, again using place value as a guide to reason and make estimations about products.

We will see division again using number disks as an introduction to division with multi-digit divisors.   Our goal is to move to the standard algorithm.  Key words in this unit are associative property, distributive property, product, quotient, divisor and dividend.

Finally we will solve multi-step word problems using multi-digit multiplication and division with unknowns representing either the group size or number of groups.  

Dear hardworking students,

I've decided that we need an extra day to practice our multiplication and division skills and apply them in solving real world problems.  The test will be on Tuesday, November 13.  You will have the long weekend to look over all of your exit tickets, classwork problems, sprints, and IXL.  Don't forget to look at some of my resource sites.  There are some games that could make learning even more fun.

Sincerely, Ms. Gilbert


Dear Students,

Please remember to visit IXL website  to practice place value and working with decimals.  The more you practice your skills, the more confident you will become.  

Sincerely,  Ms. Gilbert

Friday 10/26: using power of ten exponents and the metric system exit ticket
Thursday 10/25: using exponents to name place value units exit ticket