Language Arts, Grade 6

​Language Arts: 

Students are "wrapping up" their Newbery Essays!  We are beginning a unit of non-fiction reading.  

Students have completed or are completing their Newbery Award books  during "Book Clubs" at this time.

 Once the students have completed their books, they will choose one character from their book and decide what character trait best describes their chosen character. (courageous, hard-working, adventurous, etc.) They will write a paragraph, finding specific evidence, from their book, to support why their character can be described with the character trait they've chosen.

After the students have completed their character trait paragraph, they will write an essay to explain why their particular book deserves or doesn't deserve the Newbery Award.  Students will support their opinions based on their knowledge of how a book is chosen to receive this special award. 


Students will have homework every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  This homework is usually a review of previously taught CT Core State Standards. We have been focusing on grammar and mechanics. We are beginning to see a transfer of these skills in students' writing.