Math Homework Practice
Homework assignments will be tracked here.

Friday 6/9/17:  none
Thursday 6/8/17:  none
Wednesday 6/7/17: field trip none
Tuesday 6/6/17:  finish classwork
Monday 6/5/17:  finish classwork

Friday 6/2/17:  none
Thursday 6/1/17:  grab umbrella/speedy flyer solving equations
Wednesday 5/31/17: Famous Author/Sticky situation expressions
Tuesday 5/30/17:  finish lesson 23 classwork

Monday - Friday May 21-16: no homework, go outside and enjoy!!!!!

Friday 5/19/17: none
Thursday 5/18/17: none
Wednesday 5/17/17: none due to band concert
Tuesday 5/16/17: finish Monday homework
Monday 5/15/17:  double sided school/sea 

Friday 5/12/17: none (wish mom Happy Mother's Day)
Thursday 5/11/17: Mail Call/Summer Pool party
Wednesday 5/10/17: Geometry/Picnic
Tuesday 5/9/17:  Landscaper/Burbs
Monday 5/8/17: moving/packing

Friday 5/5/17: none
Thursday 5/4/17: page 226 triangles
Wednesday 5/3/17: page 229 converting area
Tuesday 5/2/17: page 262 volume
Monday 5/1/17:  page 255 nets

Friday 4/28/17: Study for quiz
Thursday 4/27/17: Roll the Sleepyhead (double sided geometry practice
Wednesday 4/26/17: Going Solo and quiz on Monday (graphing)
Tuesday 4/25/17:  find area and perimeter of irregular shapes
Monday 4/24/17:  finish Investigation 1.1 and 1.2

Friday 4/617: none, enjoy vacation
Thursday 4/5/17: none

There is no homework for Monday-Wednesday SO it is a great time to catch up on missing work and review skills before spring vacation.  I'm here to answer any questions, come see me.

Friday 3/31/17: none
Thursday 3/30/17: bookshelf
Wednesday 3/29/17: number line 2
Tuesday 3/28/17: absolute value
Monday 3/27/17: number line 1

Friday 3/24/17: none
Thursday 3/23/17: finish classwork
Wednesday 3/22/17:  rock group
Tuesday 3/21/17: shopping
Monday 3/20/17: numbers by many names

Friday 3/17/17: none
Thursday 3/16/17: finish designs
Wednesday 3/15/17: snow day
Tuesday 3/14/17: snow day
Monday 3/13/17? rounding and What Number Am I?

Friday 3/10/17: no school, no homework
Thursday 3/9/17:  no homework
Wednesday 3/8/17:Stinky Riddle/Cat Stats
Tuesday 3/7/17:  The Great Divide
Monday 3/6/17: Showtime

Friday 3/3/17:  none
Thursday 3/2/17:  measure and sketch your bedroom
Wednesday 3/1/17: spending money
Tuesday 2/28/17:  finish leader
Monday 2/27/17:  page 49

Friday 2/24/17:  none
Thursday 2/23/17:
Wednesday 2/22/17:  none, starting new topic, Percents.

Friday  2/17/17:  none
Thursday  2/16/17:  finish class work packet converting fractions, decimals, percent
Wednesday 2/15/17: none, starting new unit
Tuesday 2/14/17:  complete word problem packet
Monday 2/13/17:  none

Friday 2/10/17:  snow day
Thursday 2/9/17:  snow day
Wednesday 2/8/17: finish working on textbook problems
Tuesday 2/7/17:  textbook pages 63-64
Monday 2/6/17:  none, Test on Fractions.

Friday 2/3/17:  study for Test on Monday
Thursday 2/2/17:  finish up classwork (word problems)
Wednesday 2/1/17:  Celebrity Groundhog (working with decimals)
Tuesday 1/31/17:  Taryn's fractions (adding and subtracting word problems)
Monday 1/30/17:  Compute this  (multiplication/division word problems)

Friday 1/27/17:  none
Thursday 1/26/17: We are starting our fraction division unit
Wednesday 1/25/17: none
Tuesday 1/24/17: none
Monday 1/23/17:  none

Friday 1/20/17:  none
Thursday 1/19/17:  Finish problem 3.3
Wednesday 1/18/17: Textbook pages 40-41 #1,2,4,6,7,8,9
Tuesday 1/17/17:  Monster/Stopper double sided multiplication practice

Friday 1/13/17:  wrapping up adding and subtracting fractions by finishing and correcting ALL
                          class work.  
Thursday 1/12/17: none
Wednesday 1/11/17:  Spring Flowers
Tuesday 1/10/17:  Ancient Doctor
Monday 1/9/17: STAR testing, finish Friday classwork

Welcome back students!!!
Friday, 1/6/17:  finish classwork
Thursday, 1/5/17:  A Long Subway
Wednesday, 1/4/17:  Bird-watchers
Tuesday, 1/3/17:  Picture This

Week of December 19 - 23:  We are starting our fraction unit, therefore there will be no homework assigned this week.  Enjoy the holidays and winter break.

Unit Test on December 14, start studying now.

Friday 12/16/16:  no homework
Thursday 12/15/16:  no homework
Wednesday 12/14/16:  no homework
Tuesday 12/13/16: study for test
Monday 12/12/16:  study for test

Friday 12/9/16:  study
Thursday 12/8//16: review skills
Wednesday 12/7/16:  prime factorization
Tuesday 12/6/16: vocabulary review
Monday 12/5/16:  distributive property worksheet

Friday 12/2/16:  none
Thursday 12/1/16:  finish marathon word problems for Friday
Wednesday 11/30/16:  finish marathon word problems for Friday
Tuesday 11/29//16: word problem practice
Monday 11/28/16:  finish LCM and GCF classroom problems

Week of November 21:  I am not assigning homework this week with the half day schedule.  I recommend using this time to check Powerschool and make up any missing assignments.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

The homework for the next 2 weeks, November 7 to November 18, is to complete classwork.  Since we are practicing skills, it is important that all work is finished to perfection.  I look forward to seeing how truly wonderful you all are at mastering your math facts.

Friday 11/4/16: none
Thursday 11/3/16:  Speed Round
Wednesday 11/2/16: study/ Factor 2
Tuesday 11/1/16: study/Factor 1
Monday 10/31/16:  QUIZ Thursday!!! Study/ Skill Factor double sided

Friday 10/28/16:  none
Thursday 10/27/16: textbook pages 15-16 #17-28
Wednesday 10/26/16: textbook reading how to play product game pages 11-12
Tuesday 10/25/16: textbook pages 14-15 #1-16
Monday 10/24/16: finish listing factors of numbers 1-100

Friday 10/21/16: none
Thursday 10/20/16: none
Wednesday 10/19/16: activity 3
Tuesday 10/18/16: prime mazes (double sided)
Monday 10/17/16: study for quiz tomorrow

Friday 10/14/16: study for divisibility rules quiz
Thursday 10/13/16: Rules 4/study for quiz
Wednesday 10/12/16: Rules 3 and quiz on Tuesday divisibility rules
Tuesday 10/11/16: Rules 2

Friday 10/7/16: no homework
Thursday 10/6/16: no homework
Wednesday 10/5/16: study
Tuesday 10/4/16: study
Monday 10/3/16: pinball (find the lowest number) contest

Friday 9/30/16: no homework
Thursday 9/29/16:  no homework
Wednesday 9/28/16: finish cartoon idea
Tuesday 9/27/16: word problems take two
Monday 9/26/16: fix division word problems

Friday 9/23/16: no homework
Thursday 9/22/16 finish class work word problems
Wednesday 9/21/16:  none
Tuesday 9/20/16: 2-digit long division practice
Monday 9/19/16: fix last week's long division classwork

Friday 9/16/16: no homework
Thursday 9/15/16: multiplication/division comic strip math sheet
Wednesday 9/14/16: finish long division classwork
Tuesday 9/13/16: no homework
Monday 9/12/16:  Master Multiplication Tic Tac Toe (three in a row wins!)

Wednesday 9/7/16:  math practice worksheet