Spellingcity is a wonderful website where you can practice your vocabulary using some fun games. 

Moby Max is the website we are using in our google classroom.  Here is the link so you can practice at home.  Reminder:  you will need your username and password!

Math Playground is a new site discovered by Tyler full of math games.  Give it a try.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a great site managed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  You can play around with math skills at all levels.

Snork's Long Division Game is a great place to learn how to follow the steps in solving long division, ye haw!!!!!

Math Frog is a cool site to practice the steps needed to solve long division problems.

Sheppard software is a handy site to visit for both Spanish and social studies classes.  Play games that help you learn the names of countries and where they are located on a map. is similar to Sheppard software and offers more map skills and games.

Weebly is a great site to visit and practice skills you've learned up to 5th grade.  You will find all subjects here, including art!