Tues., Jan. 16th
--Finish writing slant rhyme poem
--SEM-R reflection due before 1/23
--You can revise your essay until 1/20.
--*Quiz on poetry and compound-complex sentences on Fri., 1/19

Fri., Jan. 12th
--Finish sound devices poem
--SEM-R reflection due before 1/23
--You can revise your essay until 1/20.

Wed., Jan. 10th
--Write limerick
--SEM-R reflection due before 1/23
--You can revise your essay until 1/20.

Wed., Jan 3rd.
--Finish writing figurative language poem
--SEM-R reflection due before 1/23

Tues., Jan. 2nd
--Finish "Introduction to Poetry" questions
--SEM-R reflection due before 1/23

Thurs., Dec. 14th
--Graphic organizer due Mon., 12/18
--Essay (typed) due Thurs., 12/21

Wed., Dec. 13th
--Finish body paragraph #2 on graphic organizer
--Typed essay due Thurs., Dec. 21st

Tues., Dec. 12th
--Do evidence + reasoning #1 and 2 on graphic organizer.

Mon., Dec. 11th
--Finish intro paragraph on graphic organizer.

Fri., Dec. 8th
--Find THREE articles that you can use as evidence for your essay. Read the articles.

Wed., Dec. 6th
--Finish essay #1 and essay #2 questions.

Mon., Dec. 4th
--Finish main idea summarizing for chicken article.

Fri., Dec. 1st
--Study for quiz.

Mon., Nov. 27th
--Finish Yankees vs. Redsox questions

Tues., Nov. 21st
--Subjective paragraph

Fri., Nov. 17th
--Subjective and objective worksheet

Thurs., Nov. 16th
--Finish fact and opinion underlining on Shop Class article

Mon., Nov. 13th
--Fiction or non-fiction worksheet

Mon., Nov. 6th
--Read last half of ch. 12
--Create 4 discussion questions
--Test Thurs. 11/9

Fri., Nov. 3rd
--Read first half of ch. 12
--Create 4 discussion questions
--Test Thurs. 11/9

Thurs., Nov. 2nd
--Read ch. 11
--Create 4 discussion questions
--Test Thurs. 11/9

Thurs., Oct. 26th
--Read first half of ch. 9 (up to pg. 137)
--Create 4 of your own discussion questions

Tues., Oct. 24th
--Read first half of ch. 8 (up to pg. 124)
--Ch. 8 discussion questions

Mon. Oct. 23rd
--Finish ch. 7
--Create FOUR discussion questions for ch. 7.

Fri., Oct. 20th
--Read first half of ch. 7 (up to pg. 110)
--Ch. 7 discussion questions

Thurs., Oct. 19th
--Read last half of ch. 6
--Ch. 6 discussion questions

Mon., Oct. 16th
--Read last half of ch. 5
--Ch. 5 discussion questions

Fri., Oct. 13th
--Read first half of ch. 5 (stop at middle of pg. 75)
--Ch. 5 discussion questions

Thurs., Oct. 12th
--Read rest of ch. 4
--Ch. 4 discussion questions

Wed., Oct. 11th
--Read first half of ch. 4 (up to pg. 63)
--Ch. 4 discussion questions

Fri., Oct. 6th
--Read ch. 3
--Ch. 3 discussion questions

Thurs., Oct. 5th
--Read last half of Ch. 2 of ​The Outsiders
--Ch. 2 discussion questions

Wed., Oct. 4th
--Read first half of ch. 2 (up to pg. 37)
--Ch. 2 discussion questions

Tues., Oct. 3rd.
--Finish reading ch. 1 of The Outsiders
--Ch. 1 discussion questions

Fri., Sept. 29th
--Test Mon., 10/2

Thurs., Sept. 28th
--Finish foreshadowing w.s.
--Test Mon. 10/2

Tues., Sept. 26th
--Finish irony w.s.
--Short Story and Parts of Speech test on Mon., 10/2

Mon., Sept. 25th
--Characterization worksheet

Fri., Sept. 22nd
--Finish theme puzzle for "Harrison Bergeron"

Thurs., Sept. 21st
--Finish "Before, After, and During" reading sheet for "Harrison Bergeron"

Wed., Sept. 20th
--Finish writing your Reading Response to "Wine on the Desert"

Tues., Sept. 19th
--Finish foreshadowing sheet

Mon., Sept. 18th
--Finish irony sheet

Fri., Sept. 15th
--Finish personification sheet

Thurs., Sept. 14th
--Story elements quiz Fri., 9/15

Tues., Sept. 12th
--Finish writing "All Summer in a Day" resolution
--Story elements quiz Fri., 9/15

Mon., Sept. 11th
--Finish "Changing Settings" paragraph

Fri., Sept. 8th
--Finish "All Summer in a Day" similes and metaphors worksheet
--Creating your own similes and metaphors worksheet

Thurs., Sept. 7th
--Finish reading Venus article
--Finish "Science Fact or Science Fiction" worksheet

Wed., Sept. 6th
--Use each "All Summer in a Day" vocab word in a sentence, or write each word in a story.

Tues., Sept. 5th:
--Finish reading "All Summer in a Day"
--Finish "Before, During, and After Reading" sheet

 Wednesday, Aug. 30th:
--Get "Policies and Procedures" form signed by Friday, Sept. 1st.