Becky Muldoon


Mrs. Becky Muldoon
 5th - 8th Health

Happy New Year!  I know 2020 is going to be AMAZING,
and I'm happy to share it will all of you.

Currently, students are actively engaging in skills-based health units.
5th: Students are identifying, evaluating, and practicing emotional expression and regulation through a series of activities related to Disney Pixar's movie Inside Out. 
6th: Students are exploring the Life Skills Training Substance Abuse Prevention Program, an evidence-based curriculum that we piloted last year.  Throughout the program, students will have opportunities to develop further and use the highlighted social-emotional learning skills.   Currently, they are learning about the body's response to stress. Let's see if the can make it out of the Stress Spiral Escape Room! Next, they'll be practicing assertive communication and conflict resolution skills.
7th: In our new unit, Beyond Staying Alive, students will learn, practice, and "apply" first aid and hands-only CPR techniques. 
8th: Healthy Relationships lead to longer, happier lives.  In our Healthy Relationships units, students are exploring what's important to them in their relationships, what might be red flags, and how to end relationships in a safe and respectful way. Ask them about our Build a BFF, Boo, or Bae lesson!

A little about me...
I love teaching health and helping others learn how to build healthy habits.  I feel so lucky to work with each of you as you continue to build your health knowledge and skills at Hall School. 
I live in Marlborough with my husband, 15-year old twin boys (who are WAY taller than me!), and our two cats.  This summer I tried mountain biking for the 3rd time, I first tried about 20 years ago, and this time, to my surprise, I  LOVED it! I enjoy family adventures, running and reading with friends, eating veggies, and getting up early.  
I look forward to a wonderful year together.

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