Becky Muldoon


Mrs. Becky Muldoon
5th - 8th Health

Our 5th graders are studying the effects of smoking and the safe use of OTC medicines, which will be followed by our study of Human Growth and Development. Please refer to the unit permission slip that was sent home with your child.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders have completed their LST Substance Abuse Prevention study and will explore a few topics more deeply before moving onto our growth and development units. These units are designed using age-appropriate content standards from  Connecticut’s Healthy and Balanced Living Framework and the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality. Unit topics vary by grade level and include lessons on adolescent development, male and female reproductive systems, healthy communication, and reproductive health & responsibility. Students will gain exposure to those topics through articles, activities, videos, and discussion.  

A little about me...
I love teaching health and helping others discover how to be their healthiest.  I feel so lucky to work with each of you as you continue to build your health knowledge and skills at Hall School. 
I live in Marlborough with my husband, 14-year old twin boys (who are taller than me!), and two cats.  You'll hear lots of funny stories about all of them throughout the year. I enjoy family adventures, running and reading with friends, eating veggies, and getting up early.  
I look forward to a wonderful year together.

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